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Shear Bolts

In order to protect the knife the gear-box and various other aspects of the Knife drive train from damage due to over-loading,
a number of machines are fitted with an "Overload safety device" termed a - Shear Bolt.

The guillotine manufacturer calculates the "Shearing Force" required to fracture the Shear Bolt, then modifies it,
and so in this way the guillotine is protected from severe damage during an overload,
because the Shear bolt snaps which effectively disconnects the mechanical drive to the Knife Beam.  

It is therefore very important to the safety of the operator and the machine that only the Correct Shear Bolt is used for a particular machine,
a Shear Bolt should never be replaced with an ordinary high speed steel Bolt.


Shear bolts and nuts are available from our stocks to suit the following guillotines:

  • Cauhé GH and GP series
  • Como 110/115
  • Como 150/220
  • Polar 72CE/CS
  • Polar 82/86/90/92CE
  • Polar 112/115CE 115EMCMk1
  • Polar 145/150/155CE
  • Polar 76EM, 78E
  • Polar 92EM/C
  • Polar 115EM/C Mk2-
  • Polar 137EM/C
  • Polar 155EM/C
  • Seypa Perfect range
  • Wohlenberg 76SPM
  • Wohlenberg 90/92T &MCS range
  • Wholenberg 115/155T & MCS range
  • Wohlenberg 165/185/220T & MCS range