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Photoelectric Guarding

Photoelectric Guarding

Infra-Red photo-electric & LASER  Guarding

IR Photo-electric guard

We offer Infra-Red Safety Light Curtains that meet the requirements of the British standard BS 6491, Cat4 IR guarding systems, and Cat 3 LASER systems to EN-1010 part 2.

Backed by our extensive experience with Paper Cutting Guillotines, we can supply a guarding system that can easily be installed on the vast majority of guillotines currently in use today. PGS have been involved with the installation and upgrading of safety systems for paper cutting Guillotines since 1981 and have had experience with most types of UK manufactured guarding systems.

Infrared light curtains offer the most flexible option when it comes to the guarding of moving machinery; and apart from physical screens or guards, optical light curtains are the only electro sensitive devices accepted by the P.I.A.C "Printing Industry Advisory Committee" safety guidelines, the standard endorsed by the UK Health & Safety Executive.

Stopping Performance Monitoring offers piece of mind for the operator as the efficiency of the braking system is checked at every stroke, so should anyone reach into the guarded zone during a cut the operator can be confident that the brake will stop the knife in the shortest possible time.

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